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Musings of a Grown A** Woman — love

This Holiday

Shantel Walz American Gods amwriting autonomy balance blog blogger break death depression engage expectations expression family fatherhood Fathers Day grief guilt honesty husband legacy life loss love marriage men momblog musings no guilt parenthood parenting parents realness rethink sadness season finale self care Starz Sunday thanks thoughts tired understanding weekend welcome wife women writer

  This HolidayIt's Father's Day here in North America…and the only thing I'm excited about is the season finale of “American Gods” on Starz tonight. Color me aloof AF. Last year was spent on a pillow of tears the first half of the day followed by snowballs and lamentations that evening. Today, I have what seems to be the beginnings of a sinus infection and a fistful of anger. I'm mad as hell that I can't call my dad or grandfathers. I'm sure some of you are thinking, “Doesn’t she have a husband who is the father of her son?”...

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Vintage Cigarette **Culturati post**

Shantel Walz art artist blog blogger creativity expression love lust men poetry sex unique women world poetry day writer

  Must’ve been my lucky day-more like a Lucky Strike Had nothing to do with bowling or a UFC fightBlowing smoke? Didn’t matter. I’d stay in his pocket like a TipaletFeeling like he was my personal Newport, on that Montague and CapuletI wasn’t looking for a relationship, not even a suitor or dateBut something in his candor made me refuse to make him waitBurning the loosey at both ends; tired, satisfied, passion unparalleled No filter between his lips and thoughts but still easy to inhaleI wanted to take a long pull on him like his shirt said Pall MallPlace him between my...

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It's Time to Get My Life...and Afterlife

Shantel Walz art artist blog blogger break creativity depression entrepreneur expectations free fun grief hiatus honesty inspired journey life loss love momblog motherhood poetry realness rethink return self care thanks thoughts unique welcome women writer

Long time no see! About 2 years to be exact. Go ahead and air punch me, I give you permission. For the past year and some change, I found myself somewhere in the crosswalk of despair and desperation. Despair because I lost my father, grandfather, and father-in-law in a 9 month span. Desperation because I wanted my old life and old self to return so badly. During my time away, I've learned so much about everything, especially myself. Before my father died unexpectedly in a motorcycle crash, I had every facet of my life planned out to a science. Even down to blog posts; I...

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The Meaning...

Shantel Walz blog inspired journey life love motherhood

Life (entrepreneurship, motherhood, love) is: Not being able to see the road ahead but knowing the journey will be worth it!

~Shan (Me)

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