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It's Time to Get My Life...and Afterlife

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Long time no see! About 2 years to be exact. Go ahead and air punch me, I give you permission. For the past year and some change, I found myself somewhere in the crosswalk of despair and desperation. Despair because I lost my father, grandfather, and father-in-law in a 9 month span. Desperation because I wanted my old life and old self to return so badly. During my time away, I've learned so much about everything, especially myself. Before my father died unexpectedly in a motorcycle crash, I had every facet of my life planned out to a science. Even down to blog posts; I had a schedule, name, topic of discussion, and purpose for addressing every subject matter. The original intent of this blog was to introduce readers to various arts events and activities (free and low cost, most family friendly). Since I've become a bit of a recluse the past year, nope. Won't work.

Every part of me has wanted to be productive but I physically couldn't. I just didn't have it in me. I created a few things in terms of art, but my consistency dwindled. Luckily for my business (and mush of a brain during that time), I wrote every idea in one of my many journals and sketched like a mad woman. I've dreamed of things I wanted to create and stored notes in my cell phone. I realized more than anything during this sappy ass period in my life that I no longer had an interest in all of the events and outings I wanted to blog about (in the capacity I wanted to address them intitially). All of that brings me to today and this post. While "Culturati Blogspot" still has a place in my heart, my focus has changed. My blog will no longer be dedicated to the fun, artsy carefree side of life ONLY. We will discuss some real shit and dabble in the lighter side of life as well. I owe it you all and myself to be true to the new me, whoever she is (LOL). Art is still my first love, but I think using art as an outlet is more in line with who I am and what I've experienced. I'd love to see us delve into our true selves in the process. Feigning "okayness" so many times for the sake of others comfort during my grieving and healing processes, I realized as women and mothers, we aren't really afforded too many bad days. We are always expected to be pretty, smiling, purposeful, happy. Well, that shit ain't life and I have reached a point where I refuse to apologize for my bad days any longer.

"Culturati" will still exist, but in a totally different capacity and purpose. While I plan to share my ventures into arts events and festivals when I do attend, "Culturati" will give a glimpse into my creative expression and thought processes behind my work. "Musings..." will be my thoughts and feelings in narrative form about whatever I feel like sharing at the moment; some of which will have nothing at all to do with art. I will definitely preface each post accordingly since I'm pretty honest with myself (I know some folks will care nothing about my thoughts and I know others don't give 2 poots about my art or what the hell I was thinking or listening to when I whatevered). In other words, I get that everything ain't for everybody. But if my brand of writing, topics, or a glimpse into my brain intrigues you...WELCOME and THANK YOU! I hope you'll stick around. This time, I plan to.

I've said all of that to simply say: WELCOME TO "MUSINGS OF A GROWN A** WOMAN" y'all!!!!!!

A little note: The online store will be back in full effect soon. I have some tweaking to do and changes I feel are necessary, but you can always take a peek to get an idea of what I do.

On social media I can be found @yourartcrush on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Periscope.

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  • Lena on

    Looking forward to your blogs, glad you’re back at it!

  • Mea on

    Hey my friend! Welcome back to writing! I look forward to following your grown ass woman thoughts! 8-D

  • Helen on

    Hey! Great post and I’m glad to see you back to blogging. I’ll be looking out for your store to re-open.

  • Tori M on

    ??I’m along for the ride. But it’s in those times where our world is turned upside down that we find out who we really are and how resilient we truly are. (Hugz).

  • LaCharo on

    Great post!!!

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