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Blind Date (Introduction)

For as long as I can recall, I've been an artist. Whether it was writing long stories about talking horses at the age of 9 or drawing my grandfather as he sat on the front porch at the age of 11, I've always been a lover of artistic pursuits. The arts have always been there for me; it's even safe to surmise that art was indeed my first crush. This is how Art Crush came to be.  

Based out of the Hampton Roads area of southern Virginia, Art Crush was born out of a need to create beauty that I felt I was missing in my closet and the need to expose my creations on a smaller scale to a larger audience. I have been in business since October, 2014 and initially began sell wooden hand painted designs out of the trunk of my car and at vendor events. After months of bringing my one year old along for the ride to "trunk hustle," I realized that it would make more sense to sell online once potty training came into play. In July, 2015, was born! My love of all things vintage is what propelled me to bring new life to vintage items that people had no use for; I began painting leather and vinyl goods.

As far as the visual and wearable art on this site is concerned, I am the only artist (hopefully not for long, as it is my dream to showcase other talent as my endeavors gain steam). My awesome photography, modeling, and make-up artist team consists of everyday women who are mothers, educated professionals, wives, business owners, and creative spirits. They are Antoinette Bazemore (AME Photography), Tenisha Boone (model and make-up artist), Kayla Salmon (October & Rum Creative), Lynette Terrell-Lucas (Looks by Lynn), and LeuDeyshu Thompson (model). These phenomenal women assist in bringing my crazy photo shoot concepts and ideas to life. This site will evolve and change frequently, so please don't be a stranger! I'd love to see you again, so make this blind date worth it!

Contact info:


Twitter: @yourartcrush

Instagram: @yourartcrush

Snapchat: @yourartcrush

Periscope: @yourartcrush

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