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Vintage Cigarette **Culturati post**

Shantel Walz art artist blog blogger creativity expression love lust men poetry sex unique women world poetry day writer


Must’ve been my lucky day-more like a Lucky Strike
Had nothing to do with bowling or a UFC fight
Blowing smoke? Didn’t matter. I’d stay in his pocket like a Tipalet
Feeling like he was my personal Newport, on that Montague and Capulet
I wasn’t looking for a relationship, not even a suitor or date
But something in his candor made me refuse to make him wait
Burning the loosey at both ends; tired, satisfied, passion unparalleled
No filter between his lips and thoughts but still easy to inhale
I wanted to take a long pull on him like his shirt said Pall Mall
Place him between my lips, letting his moans keep me enthralled
His unventilated approach made his brand of nicotine more addictive
His honesty, frank approach; his personality non-restrictive
Long deep breath, close my eyes, take him in like smoke from a Fatima
Sexy, intelligent, unpredictable…loving him could prove detrimental to my health, minus emphysema


We're all grown here, right? Fun fact: I've never smoked anything in my life besides chicken on the grill. Ha! 

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