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Musings of a Grown A** Woman — free

Never JUST a Wife and Mom

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  Thought I wasn't gonna get around to posting this week, huh? Yep. So did I. LOL! But here we are. Recently, I posted on Facebook about my excitement regarding my son’s upcoming foray into public school. I'm BEYOND ready for him to be out of my sight for a few hours during the day. Like, seriously…we see each other too much. Not to mention, I HAVE GOALS. I noticed upon posting my elation (and subsequent celebratory twerking) that people really love to put other folks in boxes. Since that post, I've read and heard things like: “You're not gonna...

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Wu-Tang and Clatchet

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Wu-Tang and ClatchetA few months ago I spent a wonderful weekend with some of my girls on St. Simon's Island, GA. We seem to have a thing for obscure places without the hustle and bustle of city life. Our weekend was spent eating, laughing, eating, laughing, eating, and laughing. Between the meals and guffaws, we indulged and watched pure hilarity on TV (insert "Insecure" on the way, catch up or watch it again before the new season airs on July 23!!!). Awesome weekend away from the responsibilities of wife-, mother-, and granddaughterhood. So let's get to the crux of...

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It's Time to Get My Life...and Afterlife

art artist blog blogger break creativity depression entrepreneur expectations free fun grief hiatus honesty inspired journey life loss love momblog motherhood poetry realness rethink return self care thanks thoughts unique welcome women writer

Long time no see! About 2 years to be exact. Go ahead and air punch me, I give you permission. For the past year and some change, I found myself somewhere in the crosswalk of despair and desperation. Despair because I lost my father, grandfather, and father-in-law in a 9 month span. Desperation because I wanted my old life and old self to return so badly. During my time away, I've learned so much about everything, especially myself. Before my father died unexpectedly in a motorcycle crash, I had every facet of my life planned out to a science. Even down to blog posts; I...

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Inspiration EVERYWHERE

art blog free fun inspired rethink

I was in DESPERATE need of "new" inspiration. Coincidentally, a very bright young lady whom I met at a networking event needed the same. With that being said, we ended up at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA today with our cell phones and a scavenger hunt (that she created) in tow. Talk about an awesome experience!!! The admission is free, it's fun and intriguing for all ages, and there are even free glass blowing demonstrations that are open to the general public! The latter is what brings me to the above photo. I met Hannah Kirkpatrick immediately following her demonstration on creating neon lights! She patiently and enthusiastically explained the various noble gases that are used in addition to the process of bending the glass. The experience ended up being an art and science lesson in one (which is right up my geeky alley)! I highly suggest checking out the museum during the summer when the kids are bored and plucking your nerves! Trust me, everyone in the family will find something that strikes their fancy! I know I did.

Artist, Hannah Kirkpatrick can be found at: 

Location: Perry Glass Studio, Chrysler Museum of Art

Norfolk, VA

Admission price: FREE!

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