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Musings of a Grown A** Woman

The Meaning...

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Life (entrepreneurship, motherhood, love) is: Not being able to see the road ahead but knowing the journey will be worth it!

~Shan (Me)

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Inspiration EVERYWHERE

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I was in DESPERATE need of "new" inspiration. Coincidentally, a very bright young lady whom I met at a networking event needed the same. With that being said, we ended up at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA today with our cell phones and a scavenger hunt (that she created) in tow. Talk about an awesome experience!!! The admission is free, it's fun and intriguing for all ages, and there are even free glass blowing demonstrations that are open to the general public! The latter is what brings me to the above photo. I met Hannah Kirkpatrick immediately following her demonstration on creating neon lights! She patiently and enthusiastically explained the various noble gases that are used in addition to the process of bending the glass. The experience ended up being an art and science lesson in one (which is right up my geeky alley)! I highly suggest checking out the museum during the summer when the kids are bored and plucking your nerves! Trust me, everyone in the family will find something that strikes their fancy! I know I did.

Artist, Hannah Kirkpatrick can be found at: 

Location: Perry Glass Studio, Chrysler Museum of Art

Norfolk, VA

Admission price: FREE!

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My gift is the ability to see the potential in anything; my curse is being able to see the potential in anything. The latter has been proven by my taste in boyfriends during my younger years (that is a blog post to be read over wine and tapas). Recently, I have allowed my gift to propel this journey into artistic entrepreneurship. Nothing is more satisfying than finding something that someone lost hope in, and turning it into something someone else (or the same person) can love again. This metamorphosis (of sorts) manifests itself in my day-to-day, not so artsy experiences. Oftentimes, I look...

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